The Cover which makes its Case

First, came the cell phone. Then, the need to customize it took over. Finger rings, cases, screen protectors and straps are, just, some options to make your phone reflect your personality. This review is for one such cell phone case.

The Product

The BTS Cell Phone Cover by Kpop Choices has eight patterns – one for each of the BT21 characters. The product is available for the iPhone and Samsung phone models. The manufacturer claims that the product is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and provides military-grade protection. It comes with two gifts – a lanyard and a strap which also doubles as a counterpart for the magnetic phone holder on a car. The case has slots to which the two straps can be tied. Five layers are combined to make this phone case, and it retails for $13 on Amazon.


The product matches also matches other kpop bts merch description, and the colors will brighten your day. As promised, the two gifts are shipped along with the product. The inside of the case is black, and the character’s name and image are printed on the back. The designs are lively, and the figures have the cutest expressions. The color and print look like they’re of good quality, but it’s difficult to say whether they can withstand the rigors of regular wear and tear.

The finish of the cover offers a good grip. The surface is smooth and comfortable to hold, but it is not fragile. The material is hard and doesn’t bend easily and should do a decent job of protecting the phone. TPU, however, has a tendency to discolor with use and is almost impossible to restore its original color. So, choosing a darker colored case is a good idea. The verdict is still out on the durability of the product, but it makes a great first impression.

The manufacturers have provided slots in the case for the camera, charger, headphones, speaker and microphone based on the make and model of the phone. The iPhone variant also has an opening on the side for the Ring/Silent switch. The product does not have cut-outs for the side buttons and, instead, encases them. This may provide better protection against dust and water, but the downside is that the haptic feedback may not be felt on pressing the buttons. At times, the press may not get registered, causing the buttons to be pushed harder and reducing their life.

The case fits the phone well but does not provide much ground clearance in the front. While it may be enough to prevent scratches, it is not likely to protect the screen if it falls face down, making a good quality screen protector necessary. A buyer of the iPhone 7/8 Plus case had their protector chipped when the cell phone fell from about three feet.

One customer mentioned that though the iPhone 7/8 case did not obstruct the lens, it was not aligned perfectly with the camera. Another said that the iPhone X cover was smaller than the phone and would not fit. One was confused by the size description and ordered the wrong product.


The vivid colors and fun patterns make this product a good buy. But, choose the size carefully and don’t rely on it to provide your phone with military-grade protection. Dark Acce

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