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30.08.2011 (1248 days ago)
Freight Forwarding
Business Contact
Business NameAfro Frieght Clearing and Forwarding
Business Emailafrifrieght@yahoo.co.uk
Business Telephone+256-414-253773
Business Fax+256-414-342059
CityNkurumah Road, Kampala
Address 1Plot 47/49 Nkurumah Road, Cham Towers
Address 2P.O.Box 4481, Kampala
Zip/Postal Code256

Afro Frieght Clearing and Forwarding  is one of Uganda’s leading local firms offering specialized Clearing and Forwarding Services.


Afro Freight Clearing and Forwarding Company was incorporated in 1998 as a limited liability company under the company’s Act (Cap 85) and registered to operate in the Republic of Uganda.

The objectives for which the company is registered are contained in its Memorandum and Articles of Association, specifically to provide clearing and forwarding services. We are Value Added Tax (VAT) registered under registration certificate number 27433-B and Tax Identification Number TIN B00-1007-6134-D

Afro Freight has a multidisciplinary approach and ability to adopt to the changing needs of the clearing and forwarding industry in developing countries.

Maymac Freight Co, Clearing and Forwarding, Import, Export, Warehousing, Shipping, Transport and Commission Agents,

This is clearly demonstrated by the scope of services and management policy of maintaining fully trained, permanent and professional personnel all the time and on projects in progress.


Afro Freight consolidates her expertise of seasoned clearing and forwarding professional and experts, in order to be one of the most innovative firms in Uganda. We readily provide strategic planning and operational support in the execution of the requisite services focused on development and business growth in a wide range of cargo handling.


Using proven fundamental principles of clearing and forwarding services, supported by a flexible approach to planning, we incorporate private and public sector experience successfully used by international freight forwarding companies.


Afro Freight participation through its clearing and forwarding interventions greatly improves our clients’ capacity of accomplishing their intended projects within the stipulated time frame, thereby increasing the probability of business success.

Current LocationNkurumah Road, Kampala, UG
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Afro Frieght Clearing and Forwarding Uganda Ltd